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Masterplay Clone Mod

Masterplay allows you to use Atari 2600 controllers on Atari 5200.  It is rare and expensive on ebay.  Lots of people on the internet make clones which are cheaper or superior.

The problem is they only have 1 9 pin connection.  So the second link the foot pedal project.  I have split it into two.  But lots of mess and wires.  So I simplified it.  I got a wire off ebay.  The link is in the foot pedal project on page 1.  And I got a big proect box from radioshack for 6 or 7 dollars.  I forget exactly how much.  And I rough cut holes.  One for the 15 pin connector in the back to connect my y cable and hook it up into the 5200.  And big square cut out for the keypad.  And 2 small holes for the splitter cable.  And rather than drill holes into the clone and ruin the …