list of 7800 controllers that work

List of compatible controllers for atari 7800.

By default only CX78-CX24 and utilize 2 buttons.  And some third party like a sears version mentioned here and a best electronics version which is very similar.

But you can use a sega genesis controller on your atari 7800 also.  And with an adapter a playstation and nes controller.  But by default only 1 button works on a genesis controller.  

I however could not get any to work on my 3 button genesis controller.  But after buying this adapter it works now.  Both buttons work.

And I used coupon code "NSG" to save 10% off my order which was 2 dollars and 50 cents for me.

Now all is good and I have more options than ever before.  And more comfortable options for that matter.

Today we will go over some of those options.

First an original NES nintendo controller or any NES controller for that matter.  

It is with a few adapters which are hard to find but once you do its totally awesome.  Camerica freedom connect came with a wireless receiver with a detachable cable.  And 2 cables.  One for NES nintendo and one for sega genesis/atari.  There were other receivers but the detachable cable versions are hard to find.  This is it.  The tape is only to secure it to my box for use.  But its normally all grey with no tape.

And this is cable for the receiver.  The 2600 version.  The NES version looks exactly the same as the 2600 version except with nes controller ends instead of 9 pin sega genesis/atari ends.

Now the freedom stick works on 2600 and 7800.  Except I could not get my freedom stick to work initially.  Finally I did but hardly as reception was poor.  Here is a photo.  The contacts on the bottom were corroded so I tried to fix it with some double sided tape and it worked.  The I tried to bend the contacts for better contact thinking it was poor connection and the pins broke.  So I used some tin foil and walla it works again.  But reception was still lousy.

But then I realized I have a freedom connect also by camerica.  And I wondered if that might work.  Well for sure it does.  Range is not the best.  You have to be right in front but it does work.  Much better than the freedom stick.  You see all the camerica receivers are interchangable.  The freedom connect allows you to make a any nes controller wireless.  Plug the receiver into the nintendo.  Any receiver.  There are 3 kinds.  One plugs directly into the Nintendo with built in connectors.  One with cables sticking out of the back.  And one with removable cables.  See my photos here.

And then put 4 aaa batteries into the freedom connect and set it to player 1 and manual instead of auto fire.  Then it sends signals to the receiver plugged into the nintendo and it makes it wireless.

Well the same works on 2600.  Since the receivers are interchangeable the 2600 cable with the receiver with detachable cables plugs into the 2600.  

Grey cable is player 1 and black is player 2.  And then the freedom connect sends signals to the 2600 just like the nintendo.  Only difference is the receiver being used.  I mean the receiver is the same.  But the cables are different.  Nintendo cables for nintendo and the 9 pin calbes for sega/atari.  

Maybe not master system.  I don't have one so not sure.  But works on atari and sega genesis if I remember.  Except genesis was 3 button so nes pad won't work for 3 button games.  Maybe pads with turbo buttons but not sure.  Never tried.  

I was not sure if it would work on atari 2600 or not but it actually worked to my surprize.  Now I can play space invaders with a NES Nintendo controller.  

And it works on 5200 also with a master play clone.  A device that allowed 2600 controllers on 5200.  The official made by electra concepts had trouble with some games like pacman and is rare and expensive on ebay.  

But my friends on make some pretty good clones.  I got one from Low_Buget.  And Ataribrian also make some with paddle support.  

This is how it looks freedom connect pinned to box and receiver tapes to side of box in sight to work.  And a few atari carts staked under for support.  

Now with the seagull 78 from edladdin 7800 games like Choplifter! work great with a NES Nintendo controller.